Hi, thank you for coming to my website. I wanted to introduce myself real quick before we go any further.

By the way, if you wanted to get back to those first videos you saw you can find them at tw3careers.com

My name is Marc, Marc Ian Griffin and I am really easy to find online if you want to see who I am or connect. I will put my contact information at the bottom.

I am writing to you because the simple fact is, there is a lot of junk and scams on the internet and it can be VERY impersonal. 

I would like to be more personal, as much as I can anyway, while you are considering TW3.  I want you to know me a little bit better as a person and not just some anonymous “sender of emails.”

I am not sure where to really start and I don’t want to make this long – so I will start off with where I am from and see where it goes.

Well first off, I was born in Philadelphia PA (Go Eagles!!). I currently live in Chesapeake, VA.
I settled down here after I retired from the US Navy in 2007 after 20 years of service. Below is a picture of me at my retirement.
So if you do the math I went into the Navy in 1987 – right out of high school. 

Marc retires

Now I am married, nearly 50 years old (everyone says I look younger than my age), and have 5 kids (all grown) and one sweet granddaughter (Gemma). 

Marc and Shelley  marcs 48th  gemma and gpaw

I have been working in the digital marketing field since 2009 (check out my LinkedIn profile). I actually got into this field, not by design. I was looking for a way to earn an income after the housing crash in 2008. I was a Realtor in those days and things were not good for anyone in that industry. Anyway, I started selling Google Ads for a small company to local business owners and many of the business owners ask me if I could build their websites and such. So I moved from just creating ads into nearly every aspect of digital marketing.

During the years I ran my first digital marketing company I held classes and webinars to teach people how they could use the internet for their business or to create a business. It quickly became a passion of mine to help people master how they could be profitable with the internet. There is an old saying that would prompt the question, “Is it better to give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or is it better to teach the man to fish and feed him for a lifetime?” I am passionate to teach people to fish with the internet.

So it was almost a no-brainer for me when I found TW3. Terry had created what I had envisioned – a community of entrepreneurs working together, using the internet to better their lives and the lives of their families. Below are a couple of photos from the TW3 Convention from this past March 2018.

Terry Wilson III and Marc Griffin  TW3 Convention 2018

So you probably have some questions going on in your head as to whether this real or not. The business is very real, but it does not mean it is the right opportunity for every person. I will be sending you more information over the next couple of days that you can go over and see if TW3 is a community you want to be a part of. Currently, there are about 3200 members nationwide. You can see at some demos and testimonials at tw3success.com


If you have questions – once you have finished watching the webinars, I make myself available to help on a regular basis. I am here to help you succeed. So please call, text, or use my schedule at talkwithme.cc to reserve some time.

To your success and prosperity,

Marc Ian Griffin
TW3 Career Consultant
1-800-673-1728 Ext. 1085
Text Only 929-525-3773

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