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There are 2 ways to get started with

Method A

Sales Rep – Are individuals who simply re-sell our system. They are not responsible for having to train or follow up with a client after the sale is made. We provide Sales Reps a data mining software, scripts, and links to send out to begin marketing our products. When a sale is made, the sales rep is paid within 24 – 72 hours. 


THERE IS NO CHARGE NOR COST to start as a sales rep. HOWEVER you do have to cold call, or generate your own business. We provide you a data miner to pull leads, but it is up to you to call and make contact, generate interest, follow up, and close. You work when you want, as much as you want, whenever you want.


Your agent has access to a separate Sales Rep training program that pays commissions up to $600 per sale, allows you to leverage resources, and provides pre-built sales pages allowing you take inbound calls. If you choose to start with us a Sales Rep, ask your agent about “Affiliate Overdrive”.

Method B


Sales Rep & Trainer – Are individuals who not only have the re-sell rights of our system, but the ability to use and train others as well. Because a sales rep and trainer sticks around after the sale to offer support they are paid more. 


Sales Reps & Trainers also DO NOT HAVE TO COLD CALL. By using the system and strategies our memberships provide they simply respond to people who are calling them. This means conversion rates are much higher. It is easier to close a client who is call you, rather than a client you first have to call to generate interest, then sell to, then follow up to close.


There are 3 levels to credential as a Sales Rep & Trainer. Each has its own cost to credential.

We offer NO UPFRONT COST to people who want to on board with us as a sales rep & trainer by easy financing opportunities. This gives you a chance to get the system, learn it, use it, make money with it, and then pay for it.

Below, Terry Wilson explains the different levels to credential and what they have to offer. Click on each image to open the video. There was a price change on December 1st, 2018. Some of the videos may still reflect the old pricing.

Sales Rep & Trainer

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Sale Rep & Trainer Plus

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Sales Rep & Trainer Elite

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How Much am I Paid When Reselling the Platform?

(Reselling the TW3 platform is only one of many ways you may earn money with our system)

Terry Wilson explains TW3 in detail.

The $500k per year plan for 2018

After you’re finished watching the webinars, please contact the TW3 agent that sent you this information and proceed to the 2nd part of the interview. Please be near a computer during the interview. Make sure you had a chance to watch Terry Wilson’s Orientation before your interview.



If you have not heard from your agent after 24 hrs please return to the initial email you received to find the name of your agent. Then please fill out an Urgent Contact Request form CLICK HERE

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